Friday, April 23, 2010

Under 6's Rugby

Tony has his second game of Rugby this morning. Looking at him in his uniform makes me realise how big he is getting. Its so nice seeing him get so excited about playing and how when he is on the field he just cant contain him self and does little star jumps.

My highlight of the day was after a try was scored and as the boys were running back to the middle of the field I saw one of the kids in Tonys team doing a summersault and then I say Tony doing one and, as kids do, all the others thought this was a great idea and suddenly there was about 6 kids doing summersaults in the middle of the game! Obviously at this age its cetainly not all about winning.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not a morning person

I was woken early by Tony this morning at about 6:30am but it actually was rather light outside so it was ok. Carter woke up about 5mins later. Anthony has uni today and Tony has preschool so it actually means when Tony wakes up I have to actually GET UP and get his breakfast and lunch ready.
After his breakfast was ready I made his lunch and then the boys had a play with some balloons while we got everything else ready for the day. While Tony was getting dressed and sorted Carter started to crack it and get cranky and grumpy. Whenever he realises people are getting ready to go out and he isnt going to be coming with them he freaks out and gets all upset. We waved goodbye to the Tony and Anthony and came inside with Carter still upset. He was so cranky I figured he must be tired so got him all sorted to put him down for a nap and just as we were walking up the stairs I checked my watch and realised that although it felt like we had been up was only 8:40am!
Needless to say naptime has been postponed-I can tell its going to be a long day :o)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting on board

So I finally decided that I should get on board and begin a blog - thanks Jade!
I guess its a good way to record what happening in life and seeing as Im such a slacker when it comes to my Journal, this kinda fulfills 2 purposes for me.
Its 9:30 in the morning and my boys have been up since 6:30am but are yet to get changed out of their pj's. At 8 i realised they still hadnt had any breakfast and so we all decided Fairy Bread was the go. Im dreading next year having to get Tony ready for school as getting out of the house with everyone fed and dressed doesnt happen too often before 9am. I think I am going to have major problems when Seminary time comes.
Well Mum, Dad and Rach moved to NZ just few days ago and I think the weirdest thing for me at the moment is knowing that when we go down to Sydney to visit their house wont be there for us to drop in to. Im sure they will grow to love it there though.