Friday, March 22, 2013

The Wedding Planner

Carter is wedding obsessed! My Mum has been over from NZ for the past few weeks and she will attest to this. Without fail, Carter will ask no less than five times a day;

"Will you marry me? Who are you married to? Where did you get married?"

I don't know why but it's up there with trains and lollies on his list of important subjects. Any movie that has a wedding will draw his unwavering attention and a barrage of questions. He will then ask me to put on my veil (to which I agree as I now keep it easily accessible), followed by the request to put on my wedding dress (which I politely decline because who can be bothered?).

Carter talks regularly about his wedding plans. Today we discussed them at length.

He plans on marrying Emma (the new female Wiggle). They will be married at a park in Samoa. Carter will wear a suit and tie and black shoes. His hair will be brushed and styled with gel and he WILL be wearing his Thomas the Tank Engine undies.

Emma will wear a white wedding dress and a veil. Her shoes will be white and she will have yellow flowers and she will smile and look beautiful.

Their guests will be served Maggi noodles and cheese pizza with lemonade.

Once married, they will live in Nonna's lounge room. Emma will continue her career as a Wiggle while Carter becomes a professional skydiver. They will have five children (named Lachie, Simon, Anthony, Henry, and Wags).

See all planned. Who ever marries Carter will be in for a treat!

Carter with his Bride-to-be

Friday, March 15, 2013

Chunky monkey

My appetite has taken a bit of a hit at the moment. I feel like I have morning sickness with how temperamental my tummy is. I blame it on the cocktail of pain killers. There are a few things that I have wanted to eat though- and lots of it. Even if I don't always feel like myself with the state of my life at the moment, my sweet tooth is well in tact.

I admit (with a combination of pride and shame) that I have almost single-handedly eaten an entire block of chocolate every day this week. Two days it was Rocky Road, on another it was Peppermint, and another it was Snack. Of course it helps that I have SuperHusband who magically appears with chocolate whenever he arrives home.

This is disgusting, but not unusual. There has been a certain craving that has taken both myself and Anthony by surprise though. Over the past couple of days, I have eaten FIVE grilled cheese sandwiches - literally grilled in a frying pan with butter. The idea of this would normally turn my stomach, but I tried one, it stayed down, so I have eaten four more since.

I have been blessed to have my Mum over from NZ to help out while I have been finding my feet. No matter how old you are, there is something comforting about having your Mum on hand when you aren't feeling the best.
I am so grateful to have a mother who is willing to make such a trip whenever she is needed.

Overall, things are going well and with each little bit more that I can do by myself, I am feeling more normal and content. It's crazy how much you can miss the mundane, everyday life. I'm sure that insanity will pass :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Simple minds

Every day, Carter asks me to roll over so he can check my back. He says;

"Your back all better now?"

I tell him it's not all better, but it's getting better every day.

Tony on the other hand cannot stand to even have a peek at my scar. It repulses him so much that it amuses me. I find a small amount of joy in casually calling him to me and then surprising him with my scar. I know it's totally stupid but that's where I am at right now - being amused by stupid things.

My boys have been fantastic. They are gentle and caring and so considerate of me. I certainly would never have wished these kind of experiences on them, but I know it is helping to make them into gentle, caring, considerate men.

Here is a photo of my scar. Its not as big as my previous surgeries, but it's also not as neat. I suspect that trying to pull open and close the same bit of skin over and over has taken it's toll.
Lookin pretty good though huh!

Friday, March 1, 2013

A taste of freedom

The rest of my hospital stay can be summed up pretty easy; rest, physio, tubes being taken out, food, feeling gross from not being allowed to have a proper shower, visits from family, and lots of pain killers. All my experience in hospital has left me with a mediocre superpower - I can take a handful of pills whilst lying down completely flat.

I know - you are truly astounded!

                  Not exactly glamorous but finally sitting - didn't last long though

Up on my feet!

It was great to start feeling more like myself and one of the first things I was able to eat and keep down was watermelon. Anthony made sure whatever I felt I could stomach was on hand in case the hospital food didn't cut it. The food was fairly decent though - I just didn't have a big appetite.

Once the Fentanyl pump was taken down, I moved on to morphine pills. They weren't as strong but I was able to stay more alert which felt good.

As the days passed, I got a visit from my boys, along with their Aunty and my niece and nephew. Jade had been kindly running the show back home while Anthony and I were in Sydney. It must have been a very busy house here!
Kiddies keeping busy in hospital

    Tony not too thrilled to see my back

I think Tony understood what was happening and my limitations. Carter seemed to grasp the idea but decided that when it was time for him to leave, I would be coming too. My doctor APPARENTLY told him I could come home.

Carter had painted a picture at preschool to hang on the wall. It gave me a good chuckle because it reflected his personality all over. I could just imagine his pre-school teacher suggesting he paint a picture for Mummy in hospital and him reluctantly agreeing. He would have hurriedly put brush to paper, swirled the brush over and over, announced he was "shinished", and run outside to a more exciting activity.

Carter's work of art for me

Tony also wrote me a letter at school. It read;

"Dear Mum,
I hope you had a nice time at hospital and that you can come home and your back won't hurt. You are the best Mum ever and you make lots of nice dinners.
This picture is by Tony and the writing by Tony,
Love Tony"
Tony's letter for me

They made my day!

Sunday I was allowed to go home under certain conditions. We made sure those conditions were met and I was a free woman! Sort of.

The trip home was pretty rough but it felt so good to be in my own bed. I am fully aware there is still a way to go, but the step from hospital to home feels like a big one.
    Happy (but tired) to be heading home.