Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A special type of news

Tonys news day is Monday! For those of us who remember having news day, this was a great day! Tony decided he would bring along his Rugby trophies and medals for his news this week.
After dinner (at 3:40pm!-yes i know we eat dinner VERY early), the boys were getting ready for a bath. As Tony was getting changed I asked him about his news. He told me it went well.
I said to him;
"I wish I could have been there to watch you do your news".
He cheerfully told me;
"Its ok mum, I can just do it now!"
He get all ready and stood up straight holding onto his trophies and just before he began he said;
"Ok mum, now just pretend I'm not naked alright?"

Carter on the other hand has developed a bit of a tendancy to lie! Yes, my 3 year old is a liar-but only on the important things! And poor old Papi tends to get the blame.
For example;
"Carter....did you wee on the floor?"
"Who did this wee on the floor?"

"Carter..did you wipe mashed potato on the tv screen?"

"Carter...did you wipe your boogers on Daddy?"

I have to say that Papi has some rather gross habits for an almost 50 year old :o)
Ah the joys of children! No matter how tired or bad a day you can have, they always make you smile

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day

Yesterday was Valentines DAy! After 6 years of marriage, my darling husband still makes sure I am spoilt on Valentines Day.
I know most people do breakfast in bed but being ME, and kinda fussy with breakfast (meaning I dont really eat it), Anthony knows the way to my heart is still through my stomach, just through OBSCENE amounts of junk food!
The boys were sick over the weekend so I was feeling pretty tired yesterday. Anthony came home from his morning shift at work and presented me with my Valentines Day presents-FOOD and SLEEP!!!
Ah yes, there were strawberry easter eggs (as NOWHERE sells strawberry freddos anymore), snickers, apple cider, lemonade, popcorn chicken from KFC, chicken McBites from McDonalds, cheeseburgers, icecream WITH Icemagic, and a box of Magnums! PERFECT!
Now, within about 45 minutes (no lie) I had eaters all the eggs, all the KFC and MCDonalds, 11 funsize snickers, and 3 Magnums! I felt SO gross but SO content.
Then he took the boys for me so I could sleep the afternoon away! I couldnt ask for much more than that to make the perfect valentines day!
I didnt need any dinner that night-except for the one remaining Magnum ;o)

Friday, February 11, 2011

School Boy

Well.....it has happened....we have a school boy now!
I knew it was coming and yes i was excited but I kind of wish it was just temporary and I would have my Tony back again soon. I never really realised what a great helper he was to me until now, but on the positive he LOVES school.
His first day he started an hour later than all the other kids at 10 am and he woke up at 6 am and said "YES YES YES I got to school today!"
He then burst out of his room at 6:05 am all dressed in his uniform (complete with hat). Lucky he was ready with ony 4 HOURS to spare!!!

After what seemed like an entire day, it was finally time to go to school.
We drove in the car to school and found a park and just as we pulled in Tony grabbed his bag and said;
"Ok see ya Mum!"
I couldnt believe it and said;
"Tony we are DEFINITELY coming in with you!".
Not that I wanted tears or anything at the idea of leaving me, his beloved mother, but I thought he would at least be a little more eager to stay close by til he got in the gates. It was nice leaving him though and knowing he was totally happy and secure being there.
We came to pick him up just before 3pm and when he came out the door Anthony asked him;
"So...how was school?"
Tony stretched his arms out, tipped his face to the sky and proclaimed;
"I LOVE IT!!!"