Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Our boys are currently prayer mad! Sounds ultra religous but Carter in particuler will often run up to us out of nowhere with his arms folded and declare "prayer" and start mumbling quietly and then shout out "AMEN!".
Tony often wants to follow with his own prayer-however we can actually understand his. He had a really cute prayer the other night-he blessed the "bad men" that they will be good and that they wont do naughty things, that they wont kill people and that they will choose the right. He also blessed Laman and Lemuel that they would also be good and choose the right.
He has such a good heart!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Birthday Girl

Last friday (the 4th) was my birthday! It absolutely poured with rain the night before and continued to rain the entire day-not just regular rain but it was POURING. It only seemed right to stay in my pyjamas til well into the afternoon on such a day (but I tend to do this on a regular day also so I didnt really need the excuse :o) Anthony and the boys and I went out in the afternoon together and it was so nice spending time with my little family and being spoilt.

The next day we had a Bush/Bennallack lunch up at Spurs. Tim and Kesh came along too which was nice of them. Being such a big group it took about 45 mins for our food to arrive so needless to say we were starving and pretty much anything would have tasted good but the food was pretty good anyway.

After lunch we all came back to our house for dessert and cake and just to relax (which seems necessary after such a big meal).

Thanks to everyone for coming up and for spoiling me so much!

Only thing missing was the NZ Bennallacks but we all understand and will see you soon anyway!