Saturday, October 23, 2010


Just realised how slack I have been with my posts and thought it was about time to jot something down.
Time is flying by and only 3more months til our big boy starts big school! He went for his first orientation visit on friday and he loved it. He made a number caterpiller, played musical statues, read "Goldilocks and the 3 bears" and then made a bowl of porridge out of playdough. He met his big kid (year 5) buddy who will be his buddy for next year and they spent recess together. I asked Tony if they talked much and he said "yes, we talked a bit". Tony doesnt know his name though and when I asked him if his buddy asked him many questions he answered me like i had asked him the most absurd question and said;

"YES Mummy! Of course he did! He asked me if I had any rubbish to put in the bin!".

Well well well...silly me! His buddy is obviously not much of a conversationalist :o)

Tony also had his rugby presentation day last week and he got a trophy and he won the coaches trophy too for his team so he got a second trophy! He keeps them on a little stand next to his bed and admires them regularly hehe

Carter is talking more and he loves to come and stand in front of me and holds up a finger and lists a family member (eg Grandma) and then I repeat it and so he puts up a second finger and says a different family member and he goes through them over and over. He remembers most of them but he still insists on calling Pacey "Pace" or "Bubba Matt". Luckily we all know who he means.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Handsome Boys

Just thought I would put up a few pics of my handsome boys all ready for church.

Mr Tony gave an impromptu talk in Primary today as the girl who was supposed to talk couldn't do it so poor Tony got asked *yet again*. That's the down side to having your Mum and Dad in primary-you always get asked to fill in for other children. He did a great job though and it doesnt seem to faze him at all.

He also got Man of the Match for his rugby game yesterday so he gets to take home the trophy again. It was his second to last game and he is doing really well.

Carter is apparently always so well behaved in Nursery but always a ratbag in Sacrament meeting but he certainly brings a smile to everyones face. He talks a lot more and gets so easily excited and cant contain himself so he runs in these little circles as fast as he can. He always cracks me up!

Both the boys got new suits which was quite a challenge as poor old Carter has a bit of extra baggage in the stomach area so we had a hard time getting a suit that fit him on the stomach but wasnt miles too long in the legs. We finally found a brown pin stripe one and although it wouldnt suit many people, it seems to fit Carters unique personality pretty well and of course looks adorable.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I just remembered this and it made me have a little laugh to myself so I thought I would share it.
About 3 days ago I came downstairs in the morning and there was Tony sitting there on the couch. I greeted him with;
"Goodmorning Tony Bones".
He replied with;
"Mummy-which one do you want to be best most-beautiful of sexy?"

I couldnt keep a straight face and thought best for my sons sake I go with beautiful!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Holy Ghost....NO.......SCARY GHOST!!!

Tony and I were having one of our deep and meaningful conversations in the car the other day and we came upon the topic of people we know who have died. After listing a few Tony piped up with;
"Mummy I know someone who has died!"
"Who Tony?"
"Thats right Tony"
"And the Holy Ghost!"
I paused for a minute and told him;
"No Tony the Holy Ghost hasnt died because he never had a body so he can't die".
Tony was quiet for a little while and I figured my response had explained this to him well enough as if he isn't clear on something I am barraged with a whole bundle of questions. After a few minutes I heard him say quietly;
"Mummy, I think if I see the Holy Ghost I will be scared of him".
I asked him why and he said;
"Because he is just a head!"
I gave a funny look and asked what he meant to which he replied:
"If he hasn't got a body then he is just a head all by itself and thats scary".
My explanation had turned the Holy Ghost into something to be scared of! My poor Tony!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ah the Joys of Parenthood

If you are eating I suggest you stop reading right now!
Carter had surgery last friday and I got a little more than I bargained for. Anthony took our little monkey into hospital at 6am on the friday morning and Carter went into surgery at 9am to have a bronchoscopy (spelling??), grommits put in and his adenoids taken out. He did well in surgery and ended up having to stay that night. Later that afternoon I dropped by to visit my boys and Carter was quite a little livewire and seemed his happy self. When they were released the next morning he was still happy but got a bit grizzly that night. Sunday morning I stayed home with him as he was grumpy and exhausted and despite going to bed at 7pm the night before; he woke at 11:30 the next morning so clearly he was tired. When he woke up Anthony and Tony were at church so I brought him into our bed as he still seemed sleepy and very clingy.
All was good and he was extremely thirsty so he hd about 300ml to frin and we were lying there relaxing (me relaxing happily-carter relaxing grumpily) and without warning he projectile vomited smack bang into my eye!!!! Approximately 300ml of vomit straight into my face!!!
AHHH the joys of being a parent

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Our boys are currently prayer mad! Sounds ultra religous but Carter in particuler will often run up to us out of nowhere with his arms folded and declare "prayer" and start mumbling quietly and then shout out "AMEN!".
Tony often wants to follow with his own prayer-however we can actually understand his. He had a really cute prayer the other night-he blessed the "bad men" that they will be good and that they wont do naughty things, that they wont kill people and that they will choose the right. He also blessed Laman and Lemuel that they would also be good and choose the right.
He has such a good heart!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Birthday Girl

Last friday (the 4th) was my birthday! It absolutely poured with rain the night before and continued to rain the entire day-not just regular rain but it was POURING. It only seemed right to stay in my pyjamas til well into the afternoon on such a day (but I tend to do this on a regular day also so I didnt really need the excuse :o) Anthony and the boys and I went out in the afternoon together and it was so nice spending time with my little family and being spoilt.

The next day we had a Bush/Bennallack lunch up at Spurs. Tim and Kesh came along too which was nice of them. Being such a big group it took about 45 mins for our food to arrive so needless to say we were starving and pretty much anything would have tasted good but the food was pretty good anyway.

After lunch we all came back to our house for dessert and cake and just to relax (which seems necessary after such a big meal).

Thanks to everyone for coming up and for spoiling me so much!

Only thing missing was the NZ Bennallacks but we all understand and will see you soon anyway!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Racist.......or not so much!

This morning we were all having breakfast and Carter tipped his juice out of his cup (as usual) and managed to spill it all over his pants as well. We asked Tony to take Carter up to the laundry to put his pants in the washing basket. After a couple of minutes they were still not back and we heard little voices shouting. In Tonys sweet little voice we could hear shouts of
"White Power! White Power!" and Carter doing his best to copy.
Anthony and I exchanged horrified looks and couldnt believe this could be coming from our 4 year old! We called him down to the kitchen straightaway and asked him where he had heard this phrase from. He told us he made it up himself when he was in the laundry. He told us he would show us and not knowing what this meant we followed him.
THANKFULLY he pointed out all the washing powder that had spilt onto the washing machine and said to us.....
"See - white powder!"
I am relieved to say the least.

Monday, May 24, 2010


So I was at home cooking today in the kitchen (obviously) and I had jeans on and the outside of my ankile was itching but I thought it was just the edge of my jean cuff rubbing agaist it. My hands were busy stirring sauce and so I used my other foot to scratch it and it was all better.

Well....whilst washing the dishes I looked down and on the floor I saw a little slug but when I looked closer it was moving funny and I suspected it was a LEECH!!! I googles leeches and low and behold it was a leech.

After about 5 mins I was trying to figure out where it had come from as I had just swept the floor recently and then I put two and two together and realised maybe it was on me and fell off and then I thought of my itchy ankle and when I pulled up the leg of my jeans I saw what had been causing my itchy ankle.

I was so grossed out and with Carter asleep, Anthony at Uni and Tony at preschool there was noone to see me freak out.

Friday, May 21, 2010

First Name Basis

Well not a huge week but it started off well with Family Dinner last sunday. It was really nice having everyone over and one of the benefits of having a big family is the variety of foods there is when we all get together. Its funny looking around and realising how much everyone has grown up but we still have all the same characteristics and mannerisms as when we were 10-15 years younger. Its really true that some things never change.
On another note, Carter has taken to calling me Jo. When he wakes up in the morning he either calls for "My Dada" or "Jo". As much as Anthony and I try and correct him he seems stuck on it. We have sat him down and asked him "Where's Mummy?" and he points to me everytime and then Anthony will point to me and ask "Who's this?" and Carter will look at me and say "Jo!".
I never thought I would be on first name basis with my 2 year old!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Things I learn from my boys!

On the way to his rugby game on saturday morning, Tony and I had an interesting conversation. It went like this:
Tony: Mummy, who do you think is going to win today-Woy Woy Roosters or the other team?
Me (very enthusiasticlly): I think the Woy Woy Roosters will win Tony!
Tony (disapprovingly): Well Mummy, you know its not about winning, its about having fun.
Me: Hmmm, yeah thats true Tony but why did you ask me then?

Sometimes I wonder what is going on in the little head of his. Carter on the other hand is transparent as can be. On the way home from church yesterday in the car he was trying out his knock knock jokes.
Carter: Mum. Mum. Mum. Mum
Me: Yes Carter
Carter: Knock Knock
Me: Who's There?
Carter: *pause* ..............Mum. Mum. Mum. Mum.
Me: Yes again Carter
Carter: Knock Knock

And then just repeat this pattern for about 5 kilometres.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ah the good ol' days

The other night the Johnny Depp version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was on and so we taped it for Tony. He watched it the next day and was quite intrigued by it. He saw how in this version Charlie's dad loses his job from the toothpaste factory and when has asked what happened I told him;
"They made a machine that can do his job so now they dont need him anymore so Charlie and his family dont have any money anymore".
Now I know that seems like a pretty heavy explanation but what can I say, Tony is a stickler for details and I was just answering it all in one go or I would have got whole lot of questions anyway.
This seemed to strike something in him and he looked very concerned. After some thought he said to me;
"Maybe we can give them some of our money."
Even though it was funny it made me realise what a thoughtful little boy he is.
Now I grew up with the original "Willy Wonka" and no offence to Johnny Depp but the original is so much better in my opinion. I know that those edible giant mushrooms are clearly painted styrofoam and those big ball things are just painted big balloons but apart from the old school effects not being up to par with the modern day ones, i think the original captures it all better for me.
SO.....out I went yesterday to buy the original to show Tony! We watched it twice yesterday afternoon and he was so excited and after his first viewing I HAD to ask him...
"So Tony, which one do you like better, the one we taped, or this on eI bought on DVD?"
And like music to my ears he chose the original version!!! There is something so nice about your children enjoying the same things you enjoyed as a kid.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Under 6's Rugby

Tony has his second game of Rugby this morning. Looking at him in his uniform makes me realise how big he is getting. Its so nice seeing him get so excited about playing and how when he is on the field he just cant contain him self and does little star jumps.

My highlight of the day was after a try was scored and as the boys were running back to the middle of the field I saw one of the kids in Tonys team doing a summersault and then I say Tony doing one and, as kids do, all the others thought this was a great idea and suddenly there was about 6 kids doing summersaults in the middle of the game! Obviously at this age its cetainly not all about winning.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not a morning person

I was woken early by Tony this morning at about 6:30am but it actually was rather light outside so it was ok. Carter woke up about 5mins later. Anthony has uni today and Tony has preschool so it actually means when Tony wakes up I have to actually GET UP and get his breakfast and lunch ready.
After his breakfast was ready I made his lunch and then the boys had a play with some balloons while we got everything else ready for the day. While Tony was getting dressed and sorted Carter started to crack it and get cranky and grumpy. Whenever he realises people are getting ready to go out and he isnt going to be coming with them he freaks out and gets all upset. We waved goodbye to the Tony and Anthony and came inside with Carter still upset. He was so cranky I figured he must be tired so got him all sorted to put him down for a nap and just as we were walking up the stairs I checked my watch and realised that although it felt like we had been up was only 8:40am!
Needless to say naptime has been postponed-I can tell its going to be a long day :o)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting on board

So I finally decided that I should get on board and begin a blog - thanks Jade!
I guess its a good way to record what happening in life and seeing as Im such a slacker when it comes to my Journal, this kinda fulfills 2 purposes for me.
Its 9:30 in the morning and my boys have been up since 6:30am but are yet to get changed out of their pj's. At 8 i realised they still hadnt had any breakfast and so we all decided Fairy Bread was the go. Im dreading next year having to get Tony ready for school as getting out of the house with everyone fed and dressed doesnt happen too often before 9am. I think I am going to have major problems when Seminary time comes.
Well Mum, Dad and Rach moved to NZ just few days ago and I think the weirdest thing for me at the moment is knowing that when we go down to Sydney to visit their house wont be there for us to drop in to. Im sure they will grow to love it there though.