Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Handsome Boys

Just thought I would put up a few pics of my handsome boys all ready for church.

Mr Tony gave an impromptu talk in Primary today as the girl who was supposed to talk couldn't do it so poor Tony got asked *yet again*. That's the down side to having your Mum and Dad in primary-you always get asked to fill in for other children. He did a great job though and it doesnt seem to faze him at all.

He also got Man of the Match for his rugby game yesterday so he gets to take home the trophy again. It was his second to last game and he is doing really well.

Carter is apparently always so well behaved in Nursery but always a ratbag in Sacrament meeting but he certainly brings a smile to everyones face. He talks a lot more and gets so easily excited and cant contain himself so he runs in these little circles as fast as he can. He always cracks me up!

Both the boys got new suits which was quite a challenge as poor old Carter has a bit of extra baggage in the stomach area so we had a hard time getting a suit that fit him on the stomach but wasnt miles too long in the legs. We finally found a brown pin stripe one and although it wouldnt suit many people, it seems to fit Carters unique personality pretty well and of course looks adorable.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I just remembered this and it made me have a little laugh to myself so I thought I would share it.
About 3 days ago I came downstairs in the morning and there was Tony sitting there on the couch. I greeted him with;
"Goodmorning Tony Bones".
He replied with;
"Mummy-which one do you want to be best most-beautiful of sexy?"

I couldnt keep a straight face and thought best for my sons sake I go with beautiful!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Holy Ghost....NO.......SCARY GHOST!!!

Tony and I were having one of our deep and meaningful conversations in the car the other day and we came upon the topic of people we know who have died. After listing a few Tony piped up with;
"Mummy I know someone who has died!"
"Who Tony?"
"Thats right Tony"
"And the Holy Ghost!"
I paused for a minute and told him;
"No Tony the Holy Ghost hasnt died because he never had a body so he can't die".
Tony was quiet for a little while and I figured my response had explained this to him well enough as if he isn't clear on something I am barraged with a whole bundle of questions. After a few minutes I heard him say quietly;
"Mummy, I think if I see the Holy Ghost I will be scared of him".
I asked him why and he said;
"Because he is just a head!"
I gave a funny look and asked what he meant to which he replied:
"If he hasn't got a body then he is just a head all by itself and thats scary".
My explanation had turned the Holy Ghost into something to be scared of! My poor Tony!