Thursday, September 5, 2013

A public change

I have been a very absent blogger with lots of 'goings-on' filling my days.

Firstly, I have a new baby niece. My younger sister, Alyce, delivered her second daughter Capri. Another cousin for the boys - yay!

We have also had family travel from interstate and NZ so I have been able to spend some extra time with them which I always love. 

And of course Fathers Day!! I was out a lot of Sarurday so Anthony, Tony, and Carter had a 'boys day out'. Sunday we spent with both 'Dad's' and it was over before you know it for another year. 

Tony has been VERY busy with different events at school. Just in the last couple of weeks he has had a Book Week Character Parade, Father's Day Breakfast, Planetarium Show, Spring Carnival, and a Musical Production. 

The school worked very hard to put on a show where each Stage sung songs from different well known musicals. Tony's grade did The Lion King. 

I went and saw it yesterday and was so impressed with all the effort that had been put in. Of course my favourite part was seeing Mr Tony Bones singing away.

This morning on the car drive to school, Tony told us some of the behind-the/scenes happenings.  One in particular left me with a raised eyebrow stifling a giggle. 

All the students had to wear all black clothes as part of their costumes. This meant for the matinee performance they came to school in uniform and got changed when it was time to get ready. 

Tony told me lots of the kids in his class didn't want to get changed as they felt funny that other kids would see their undies.  I thought Tony would be one of these kids as he is rather shy and reserved. 

To my surprise he added;

"Me and my friend in my class Carter (I know - another Carter!!) didn't care about getting changed in front of the others. We both said that it doesn't matter cos at least we have underwear on - when we are older we will have to get changed in front of our girlfriends and then we will be naked."

I'm hoping by girlfriend...he means wife.  And I'm rather shocked he has thought this through so much already. I always thought Carter was the son who was happy to show off his Birthday Suit.