Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love what I love

Sometimes I forget why I love doing what I do. I forget sometimes how much I love being a wife and mother! On busy days or trying days, I forget to appreciate this time as it will most likely pass me all too quick!!!
I know that sometime in in the not too distant future, my boys will want to do things on their own, not want my opinion or approval quite so much, want to sit with their friends rather than me, want to buy their lunch rather than what I can make, and I may possible ruin their plans (or life) at times.

But until that day comes......I will enjoy these days! The days where I am;

- a better cook than any contestant on MasterChef
-smarter than Tony's school teacher
-funnier than Kramer
-capable of beating up bad guys
-more powerful than the police or any law

I know! I am mighty impressive according to Anthony, Tony, and Carter! I know that this time may pass (not for Anthony I hope!!) but I will take it for now cos there is nothing I love more than my 3 boys!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I decided that I am going to try and purposefully identify things I am grateful for in my life everyday. Obviously I am EXTREEMELY grateful for my family but I am talking about the everyday little things in life.
Today I am grateful for food! Yes, food does sustain life and is very yummy, but today it kept me from losing my cool at Carter.
We have Wednesdays home together. Just the two of us. As much as I love my little munchican and the joy he brings, he can also be a challenge.
Carter is incredible strong-willed, impulsive, and charming! He knows how to push my buttons (I think he got that from his father), but he also knows how to make me laugh and can quickly change my mood from angry to happy (that trait must be from me).
Today he drove me a little nuts. I found him in the toilet with the door shut laughing away. he had locked the door so I had to go get the little spare key (crucial to have with Carter) and unlocked the door.
To my HORROR, there was water all over the floor, walls, and somehow the ceiling! I would have yelled, everypart of me wanted to, except I had a mouth full of food that I couldnt swallow before Carter turned around and said to me;
"All clean now!".

Later in the afternoon I sat down with a bowl of chicken salad and was eating my lunch when I looked into the kitchen and found Carter taking a bite out of all the pieces of fruit in the fruit bowl and then putting them back. Again, thanks to me having an abnormally large quantity of food in my mouth, I wasnt in any position to yell. When I swallowed I waiting a few seconds and asked;

"Young man what do you think you're doing?"

This innocent little face looked up and said;

"Where's nectarines?"

I think he was sampling all the fruit to try and find a nectarine-there were none even in the bowl! I am thankful for food. Cos it shut me up and made me unable to yell at my adorable little ratbag and gave him time to make me smile :-)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chicken News

We had roast chicken for dinner on Sunday night-cooked in a slow cooker! It works, and it works well. You simply put the whole chicken in at 9am, add....nothing, then take out at 5pm and eat!
As I was pulling apart the chicken and looking for bones that were big enough for Astro not to choke on, Tony came to help me. He checked bone after bone, deciding which were big enough and which would "make Astro die".
He stumbled across what I think was part of the breast bone and noticed that it looked a bit different from a lot of the other bones in shape. He was rather amazed and exclaimed;
"I know! I can take this bone for my news tomorrow!"
I was thinking..."Oh please don't!".
Tony went to sleep that night with a chicken bone held tight in his little hand and did indeed wake the next morning and present for his news at school.....a chicken bone!
I asked his teacher what she thoguht of his news after school. She told me it was certainly one of the more original items brought in for news and that she had never seen a child so proud to present a bone from his dinner to the class.
Thats my boy!