Monday, April 18, 2011

All About Perspective

We were lucky to be able to attend a Temple session with some of our good friends recently. We don't get to go as often as I would like due to my back. I really struggle to sit through Sacrament meeting some Sundays so an Endowment session can seem like an eternity (haha-thats kind of funny when saying in relation to Temple work). Whenever we do go though, I am almost ashamed to say that it's like I forget how much I enjoy being there. I love the Temple and the peace I feel there. I find I can't look over at Anthony too much as he makes me laugh by pulling silly faces and I in turn pull them back. Clearly we are rather immature :o) The thing I love most about the Temple is the perspective it gives me. I always leave with the reminder that many of the stresses and worries I may have at this time will be so irrelevant in the long term. It reminds me to think of others and do what we can for our fellow men. It reminds me to take more time with my family and less with the little aspects of life that eat up so much of my time but have no eternal value. Most of all though-it reminds me of what I am working for. It is a hard thing to be faithful Latter-Day Saint in this day and age and I certainly know I have a way to go, but the reminder of what I am working towards and how worthwhile it will be make any sacrifice so worth it. I know, I know, I'm so cheesy!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dollars and Sense!!!

I have decided that we in the Bush household are both rich and poor! We are poor in the "no money" sense but not in the 'dressing in clothes made from old curtains and eating cabbage soup' way. Charlie Bucket outranks us by miles!!! I know by the worlds standards we are certainly lower on the socio economic scale. We have to plan in advance for things like car rego, birthdays, weekends out, and new tyres like many people. We plan for these things and pray that nothing else pops up before that requires cash! We try and be careful with our petrol and things but we also want to make sure we enjoy life without worrying about money all the time. I know life without much money can certainly make things hard at times, but we know from our expereince that money DOES NOT buy happiness-it simply helps a little with the worries in life. We experience real happiness often in our house, without extra cash to splash around! We have time together as a family to relax and play together. We have takeout and hire DVDs. We dance to MTV (more laughing at Tony and Carter dancing). I think we are rich! We are rich in the sense we are happy and fulfilled in life. So even though we are a little poor financially.....I would consider us wealthy in the things that matter.