Saturday, October 23, 2010


Just realised how slack I have been with my posts and thought it was about time to jot something down.
Time is flying by and only 3more months til our big boy starts big school! He went for his first orientation visit on friday and he loved it. He made a number caterpiller, played musical statues, read "Goldilocks and the 3 bears" and then made a bowl of porridge out of playdough. He met his big kid (year 5) buddy who will be his buddy for next year and they spent recess together. I asked Tony if they talked much and he said "yes, we talked a bit". Tony doesnt know his name though and when I asked him if his buddy asked him many questions he answered me like i had asked him the most absurd question and said;

"YES Mummy! Of course he did! He asked me if I had any rubbish to put in the bin!".

Well well well...silly me! His buddy is obviously not much of a conversationalist :o)

Tony also had his rugby presentation day last week and he got a trophy and he won the coaches trophy too for his team so he got a second trophy! He keeps them on a little stand next to his bed and admires them regularly hehe

Carter is talking more and he loves to come and stand in front of me and holds up a finger and lists a family member (eg Grandma) and then I repeat it and so he puts up a second finger and says a different family member and he goes through them over and over. He remembers most of them but he still insists on calling Pacey "Pace" or "Bubba Matt". Luckily we all know who he means.