Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fickle and proud of it

Sometimes Anthony makes me cranky.  He leaves socks about our room and forgets to put them in the wash basket.  He snores ridiculously loud.  He can't multitask for the life of him, so I often end up talking to myself thinking he is listening, completely forgetting he can't read and listen at the same time.....unlike his talented, multitasking wife.
But these things are very easy to forget.  It's easy because he has made me so happy the last 14 years I have known him.

I was watching a cheesy love story type of movie a few weeks ago on an iPad while I cooked dinner.  It was one of those "love-at-first-sight" movies where their eyes met they both knew they wanted to be together.  The kind of movie I scoff at but sort of love all the same.

I scoff because I have never bought into the whole "love-at-first-sight" thing.  It seems completely fickle to me, thinking you love someone based upon appearance without truly getting to know that individual.  How can you love a person without actually knowing them.

I sat today in church watching Anthony.  He was up on the stand helping run the meeting while I was with our boys.  It reminded me of nearly 14 years ago when I first moved to Sydney and Anthony had just moved back to Sydney after 2 years in Brisbane.  Aside from my own immediate family, everyone around me was a stranger. As we went to church that Sunday, I knew no one, but I quickly noticed, sitting on the stand, a young man who caught my attention.  Within a few minutes of watching him, I could sense his quiet dignity.  I was drawn to him from the get go.  I hadn't even heard him speak a word, but I had already decided I liked him.   Of course I didn't admit this to anyone because I knew it made me sound like a big Ol' floozy!

Before I ever laid eyes on my two baby boys, I loved them.  I loved them for months before they took their first breaths.  There is a bond there that is so strong, we were linked for life without so much as a touch of the hand.

So as I sat in church today watching my Anthony, I realised I have felt some form of "love-at-first-sight".  I sat with contentment knowing I'm very lucky. I have felt it 3 times over and it might make me fickle or cheesy,  but I'm all good with that.

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  1. This is so beautiful Jo! That strong bond, love at first sight has heaven's hand in it, that's what makes it so difficult to describe in earthly words, it's an eternal thing, isn't it. Xo