Friday, March 1, 2013

A taste of freedom

The rest of my hospital stay can be summed up pretty easy; rest, physio, tubes being taken out, food, feeling gross from not being allowed to have a proper shower, visits from family, and lots of pain killers. All my experience in hospital has left me with a mediocre superpower - I can take a handful of pills whilst lying down completely flat.

I know - you are truly astounded!

                  Not exactly glamorous but finally sitting - didn't last long though

Up on my feet!

It was great to start feeling more like myself and one of the first things I was able to eat and keep down was watermelon. Anthony made sure whatever I felt I could stomach was on hand in case the hospital food didn't cut it. The food was fairly decent though - I just didn't have a big appetite.

Once the Fentanyl pump was taken down, I moved on to morphine pills. They weren't as strong but I was able to stay more alert which felt good.

As the days passed, I got a visit from my boys, along with their Aunty and my niece and nephew. Jade had been kindly running the show back home while Anthony and I were in Sydney. It must have been a very busy house here!
Kiddies keeping busy in hospital

    Tony not too thrilled to see my back

I think Tony understood what was happening and my limitations. Carter seemed to grasp the idea but decided that when it was time for him to leave, I would be coming too. My doctor APPARENTLY told him I could come home.

Carter had painted a picture at preschool to hang on the wall. It gave me a good chuckle because it reflected his personality all over. I could just imagine his pre-school teacher suggesting he paint a picture for Mummy in hospital and him reluctantly agreeing. He would have hurriedly put brush to paper, swirled the brush over and over, announced he was "shinished", and run outside to a more exciting activity.

Carter's work of art for me

Tony also wrote me a letter at school. It read;

"Dear Mum,
I hope you had a nice time at hospital and that you can come home and your back won't hurt. You are the best Mum ever and you make lots of nice dinners.
This picture is by Tony and the writing by Tony,
Love Tony"
Tony's letter for me

They made my day!

Sunday I was allowed to go home under certain conditions. We made sure those conditions were met and I was a free woman! Sort of.

The trip home was pretty rough but it felt so good to be in my own bed. I am fully aware there is still a way to go, but the step from hospital to home feels like a big one.
    Happy (but tired) to be heading home.


  1. I found your blog through Mormon Mommy's site and I hope you have a a rapid recovery and that all goes well :) I have had a few craniotomy's and am a mother of 3 young kids so I know the extra blessing and challenges that come when Mommy has to recover..but like you I also have a great husband.

    1. Wow - you certainly have had your fair share of challenges! How do you cope? I found having surgery before being married with children tough, but the surgeries I have had since having children are physically tough but also emotionally tough as there are things that I feel I SHOULD and WANT to be able to do for my family that I can't. I feel very blessed though to have the support I have from family, friends, and the Lord.
      Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog xx

  2. I miss you and you're family Jo. However, I'm sure you're not missing the noise.
    I hope your recovery continues to improve as much as it has already. 2 weeks + 1 day down!

    1. We miss you too! Carter keeps on talking about Matt going skydiving and Pacey and Leo. He really grew attached to having you all here. I bet you are enjoying being home and I hope you get to have a well deserved rest!

  3. I am always truly astounded Jo. No matter what comes your way you are full of courage and strength and smiles ...just like in the last pic on this blog. Love you so much, Mum xoxoxo