Friday, March 22, 2013

The Wedding Planner

Carter is wedding obsessed! My Mum has been over from NZ for the past few weeks and she will attest to this. Without fail, Carter will ask no less than five times a day;

"Will you marry me? Who are you married to? Where did you get married?"

I don't know why but it's up there with trains and lollies on his list of important subjects. Any movie that has a wedding will draw his unwavering attention and a barrage of questions. He will then ask me to put on my veil (to which I agree as I now keep it easily accessible), followed by the request to put on my wedding dress (which I politely decline because who can be bothered?).

Carter talks regularly about his wedding plans. Today we discussed them at length.

He plans on marrying Emma (the new female Wiggle). They will be married at a park in Samoa. Carter will wear a suit and tie and black shoes. His hair will be brushed and styled with gel and he WILL be wearing his Thomas the Tank Engine undies.

Emma will wear a white wedding dress and a veil. Her shoes will be white and she will have yellow flowers and she will smile and look beautiful.

Their guests will be served Maggi noodles and cheese pizza with lemonade.

Once married, they will live in Nonna's lounge room. Emma will continue her career as a Wiggle while Carter becomes a professional skydiver. They will have five children (named Lachie, Simon, Anthony, Henry, and Wags).

See all planned. Who ever marries Carter will be in for a treat!

Carter with his Bride-to-be

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  1. And she will never know....
    He is such a sweetheart. I've never known a boy so marriage focused! Marriage, trains and planes, I made a weird bedtime story up about all 3 (planes getting married to trains).