Friday, March 15, 2013

Chunky monkey

My appetite has taken a bit of a hit at the moment. I feel like I have morning sickness with how temperamental my tummy is. I blame it on the cocktail of pain killers. There are a few things that I have wanted to eat though- and lots of it. Even if I don't always feel like myself with the state of my life at the moment, my sweet tooth is well in tact.

I admit (with a combination of pride and shame) that I have almost single-handedly eaten an entire block of chocolate every day this week. Two days it was Rocky Road, on another it was Peppermint, and another it was Snack. Of course it helps that I have SuperHusband who magically appears with chocolate whenever he arrives home.

This is disgusting, but not unusual. There has been a certain craving that has taken both myself and Anthony by surprise though. Over the past couple of days, I have eaten FIVE grilled cheese sandwiches - literally grilled in a frying pan with butter. The idea of this would normally turn my stomach, but I tried one, it stayed down, so I have eaten four more since.

I have been blessed to have my Mum over from NZ to help out while I have been finding my feet. No matter how old you are, there is something comforting about having your Mum on hand when you aren't feeling the best.
I am so grateful to have a mother who is willing to make such a trip whenever she is needed.

Overall, things are going well and with each little bit more that I can do by myself, I am feeling more normal and content. It's crazy how much you can miss the mundane, everyday life. I'm sure that insanity will pass :)

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  1. Whatever it takes to help you get better and to make this time easier, I say go for it! Chocolate makes everything better.

    You left me hanging... I wanted to know what flavours you had the other 3 days :)

    I'm so happy Anthony and Mum are feeding your addiction, not joking.