Saturday, March 9, 2013

Simple minds

Every day, Carter asks me to roll over so he can check my back. He says;

"Your back all better now?"

I tell him it's not all better, but it's getting better every day.

Tony on the other hand cannot stand to even have a peek at my scar. It repulses him so much that it amuses me. I find a small amount of joy in casually calling him to me and then surprising him with my scar. I know it's totally stupid but that's where I am at right now - being amused by stupid things.

My boys have been fantastic. They are gentle and caring and so considerate of me. I certainly would never have wished these kind of experiences on them, but I know it is helping to make them into gentle, caring, considerate men.

Here is a photo of my scar. Its not as big as my previous surgeries, but it's also not as neat. I suspect that trying to pull open and close the same bit of skin over and over has taken it's toll.
Lookin pretty good though huh!


  1. Haha I'd do the same thing. Kids are there for our entertainment right? Glad they're being helpful.

  2. Jo your back is looking good. I hope the inside is just as good!

    It is wonderful that Mum can be there to help. It must be a great blessing to you and ANthony having Mum there.

    Lots of Love

    Dad xxx

  3. I can just see Tony's grimace now. So funny! Glad your kids are being good to you. Love you Jo!