Friday, March 16, 2012


I know throughout my blog I often mention my family. I talk about Anthony and my two boys. I also refer to my family when I talk about my parents and my siblings. But I wanted to devote this blog to the family I in-laws.

When I chose to marry Anthony, I like to think that I also chose his family too. Coming from a big family, it was important to me that the person I married was close to their family too. When our relationship was getting serious and I was considering whether Anthony was a person I could see a future with, I also considered his family. I considered them as potential parents and siblings in law. I considered them as potential grandparents and aunties and uncles to my future children.

I like to think that as much as I chose Anthony, I also chose them. They, on the other hand, didn't get much say in the matter when it came to me (although I hope they were happy with Anthony's choice).

Anthony's Dad, Tony, is Anthony twenty years down the track. I see photos of him at the age Anthony is now, and minus the moustache and mop of curls, they are nearly identical. I used to go to Anthony's little brother Shem's rugby games some weekends and was always amused watching Anthony and his Dad pace up and down the side lines. They walked the EXACT same way, hands behind their backs, pacing slowly.
My father-in-law places his family as his highest priority and there is no mistaking that. Everything else in life comes second. Our two boys are the first grandchildren and boy have they been spoilt by Papi. I love to see the way they light up his face when we go down for a visit.

Anthony's Mum, Amor has raised eight children - a feat I didn't fully appreciate until being a mother myself. She has devoted so much of herself to her family and she still does. Whenever we have a dinner for someones birthday, she is always the last one to sit down to eat because she is making sure everyone else has their food and everything is all laid out.
One quality I really admire in her is that she puts her heart into her work. Whether it be decorating the house during the holiday season, or paid employment, she doesn't do anything half-hearted. If you want to know ANYTHING about Costco, she is the lady to go to. She also hooks us up with not-so-little surprises from Cosco now and again so we get to sample the produce without making the trip there.

The eldest of all eight children is Gene. I never had the privilege of meeting him as he passed away, but I feel as though I have with how often he is talked about and remembered. Any eldest brother would be lucky to be spoken of so fondly.

I don't need to tell you about Anthony, I think I have covered him :)

Drew is third in line. You know how in some cultures the tradition is if a husband dies, the brother marries the widow? Well if that happened to Anthony, I think Drew and I would have the most silent marriage in history. We trade "hello's" and "goodbye's" and not a lot else. But, I know there is much more to Drew than that. I know he has a quick sense of humour and is a deep thinker who holds his cards close. I hope he knows that in my books, I think he's a really good guy.

I think Llaine is the Bush I relate to the most - she might not agree but this is my blog so tough! I think if I went to high school with Llaine, I would have wanted to hang out with her. I like her taste in movies and books and her sarcastic sense of humour. She too is a deep thinker and I think she likes to really suss people out before opening up, but you couldn't find a more loyal friend once you are in. I'm pretty sure she took a while to warm up to me (don't deny it Llaine!), but hopefully eight years down the track she has taken a liking to me. Either that or she has just accepted she is stuck with me ;o)

Paige is on a mission for our church. She is an open book with her emotions and is a friend to anyone who would seek her company. She wears her heart on her sleeve a little, but to me, that is one of her most endearing qualities. If I were to describe her in one word, it would be "warm".

Kellen always surprises me. Whatever he puts his mind to, he does. He makes a plan, then he makes it happen. He has a lot if determination. He is quiet in the way he goes about it, but he keeps at something til he achieves it. I think there is great success in his future because he is willing to put in the work and put himself out there. Plus...he made a cameo in "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" so he has to be cool.

Teylor has always been older than her years since I have known her. She is one of the most confident people I know. I'm sure she has her insecurities like everyone else, but she doesn't let them stop her from being who she is. She just has a spark, I don't know how else to explain it.

Shem is what I think Anthony would have been like eleven years younger. He is a real boys boy, but I like that he is happy to show some emotion too. I have been able to watch Shem grow up since we moved to NSW and he has grown into a stand-up young man. He knows who he is and won't be easily swayed.

I know there are many in-law jokes and horror stories, but I think I chose pretty well. So sucked in're stuck with me!

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  1. You chose well Jo...choosing Anthony and his family. They are a wonderful, loving family. Us, you are stuck with..maybe you didn't get a choice in the pre-existence, but I like to think we each had some say in the matter :) xxx Mum