Thursday, January 21, 2016

It's only been 11 years?

  Anthony and I have been married 11 years today.  It has both sped by and felt like it's always been this way at the same time.  

Anthony makes me happy every day.  Not all day, every day (that would be unrealistic and a huge expectation to put on another person), but definitely every day.  Sometimes it's specific events, other times it's just that content feeling of knowing I have someone pretty great to love and knowing that he loves me back.

Throughout the different stages of our relationship, the ways I appreciate being shown love have changed. Early on I really appreciate the time made to just be with me and the public shows of affection as in the early stages it feels like your relationship is very public and on show. 
After we were married, it was still time, as well as the little things that showed me how much Anthony loved and appreciated the person I really am as the newly wed stage means you are still learning a lot about each other. Once we had babies and toddlers in the house it was sleep.  Nothing else mattered.  Currently it's seeing how much Anthony puts my best interest and the interest of our family first.  He isn't concerned with appearance or image, he is concerned with the well being and happiness of his family.  Well....that and my love obsession with food.  My passion for food covers a multitude of different food types, depending on what I am into at that particular time.  One item, however, has been hard to come by so still remains high on my list of most loved and prized food types.

I love cheese popcorn.  The pre-made kind with cheese flavoured powder on it. You can get microwave cheese popcorn, and I enjoy it (even though it stinks out the microwave), but it's not the same as the kind you get already made up in a bag.  

The problem is, it's pretty tough to come by cheese popcorn.  At Christmas time, Anthony found a few bags being sold at The Reject Shop and he bought me 3 bags.  Once he knew I liked them (I ate 3 bags in 2 days), he went back and got more.  Those bags lasted another few days but when he went back, there were none left. We checked if there were more in stock and it turns out it's a discontinued product and once it's gone, it's gone.  

Knowing how devastated this would make me, after some enquiries Anthony found a Reject Shop about a forty minute drive away had 15 bags in stock and he jumped straight in the car to buy them for me.  All 15 of them. 

That's the kind of guy he is.

Around the same time, he took Carter out shopping and Carter (who is a WWE fanatic) wanted to wear his championship wrestling belt to the shop, and he asked Anthony to wear one too.  So being the good sport he is, Anthony spent over an hour walking around a crowded shopping complex wearing a child's wrestling belt.  

That's just the kind of guy he is. 

They aren't exactly 'big' things, but they matter to me. To have a husband who knows the way to my heart is very much through my stomach, and that part of what makes me love him so much is seeing how much he loves our boys.  

That's the sort of guy I want - and I've got it.


  1. As always your words are so touching and heartfelt, not cheesy at all ....unlike your beloved popcorn :) xx

  2. Food can make or break a marriage ;)
    I love that you speak each others love language.... yours is obviously "the giving of cheese popcorn".... I remember reading that chapter in the book. Strawberry freddos too right?