Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jo the grouch

Yesterday I had a grump day. I just woke up that way.

 Normally when I realize I am grumpy for no good reason, I can just snap myself out of it, or I at least give Anthony a heads up that I'm cranky but he's not to blame (I have to say this helps a great deal as poor Anthony isn't stuck guessing what he's done wrong, and he gets me out of my funk pretty quick with a good hug).

 Yesterday though, I just couldn't shake it. I snapped at Anthony. I snapped at the boys. We went to the park to feed the ducks and have lunch and I couldn't even really enjoy that! I kicked my baby toe on the corner of a table leg, I dropped my veggies on the floor, I washed the window with oven cleaner, and somehow got bathroom cleaner from the bathroom floor into my mouth. It was overall a bad day.

 So now I am here lying in bed at 1am trying to figure out what my problem is.

 When I came up empty handed, it hit me that I have no reason to be a grump and it's stupid to dwell on it. The mere fact that I can't find a reason why I may have been in such a bad mood tells me I have much to be grateful for so I should just get over it and be happy. Tomorrow morning I will probably be a little grumpy again - but this time I will know it's from lying in bed awake til 1am.


  1. Ha! At least your kind enough to give Ants a heads up, sometimes I don't even do that. I can't even picture you grumpy! Thanks for cheering me up this week, it worked :)

  2. Well Jo I am glad to hear you are not entirely perfect......yet...... you're pretty darn close though!
    Love you lots,
    Mum xxxx
    Ps hope your toe and taste buds are ok :)