Monday, January 30, 2012

First day = fail

Today was the first day of the school year. We didn't get off to a very good start.
I arrived home from Adelaide on Sunday morning. I planned on having Monday home with Tony and Carter to catch up on a bit of rest before Tony went back to school Tuesday.

How wrong I was!

I caught the train up from the airport and on the way home from the train station, we drove past Tony's school. I happened to glance up as we went past and saw written across the school noticeboard:

Welcome Back Year 1-6 Students: Monday 30th Jan 2012.

So my day of rest and preparation was out the window.

This morning I set the alarm for 6am, but when the beeping began, I turned it off and rolled over. Come 7am, I threw off the covers and ran into Tony's room and threw off his covers.

To save time I made him a breakfast he could drink - a banana smoothie.
We rummaged through his draws for his uniform and found his shorts and T-shirt.

I quickly woke up and dressed Carter and we were out the door.

After dropping Anthony at work, we headed to school. Carter and I walked Tony in and he ran off to play with some friends as he had some time until the bell rang.

Within about ten minutes, Tony had disappeared. He had fallen over and was already in the sick bay getting a bandaid for his grazed knee. I thanked the teacher who found him and headed out the office with Tony's hand in mine and as I reached out for Carter's hand, I found nothing but air - he was gone!

I scanned the crowd of kids but couldn't see the bright green shirt I strategically dressed him in, as I often do to help with easy identification in supermarkets, playgrounds, and...well, anywhere outside our little house.

I headed out the school gate to make sure he hadn't tried to make his way out to the car. I couldn't see him anywhere so I went back in and scanned the schoolyard. After a while I headed back to the office to see if anyone had handed in a 'lost boy'.

There was my Carter happily chattering away to the office ladies whilst sitting on the office couch, little legs swinging and all.

After all my children were accounted for, we were back where we started in the schoolyard. The bell rang and we said goodbye to Tony and watched him hobble off in his crinkled up uniform.

As Carter and I headed out the school gate, he informed me he was very, VERY hungry. I imagine this MAY have been because I forgot to feed him breakfast.

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  1. Welcome Home Joanne! Your life is never dull is it:) At least Carter was somewhere safe when you found him...when I lost him in a matter of seconds and then found him, he was heading out the shopping centre doors into the car park. He's fast!
    Hope Tony's second day at school was an event free one...for all of you :)
    Love you lots,
    Mum xxx