Friday, February 3, 2012

Grown up lunchtime

Remember when you were young and if you had to sit still for longer than sixty seconds you were bored?

When we were driving to school this morning, Tony found it hard to believe the kids at the high school Anthony works at just sit around talking at lunch. It was bizarre to him that they don't want to go and play.

I remember having these same thoughts. Why would you want to just sit and chat when you could be playing chasie, or handball, or on the oval?

But come high school, every recess and lunch we sat in "our spot" and talked about who-knows-what day after day. Our spot was freezing in winter and sweltering in summer, but the idea if finding a new spot never crossed our mind.

As an adult, all I want to do is just sit. Lying down is even better, but I will take a comfy spot on the couch if that's all there is. I don't particularly NEED the TV, or a book, or anything really, I am happy just to sit and do nothing. It's not boring to me anymore.

I have decided that this is one of the true signs of an adult.

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  1. Jo,thank you make me feel so much better. I thought I was just lazy all these years, loving the chance to sit and do absolutely nothing... Now I know I have just grown up:)
    Love you lots,
    Mum xxx