Tuesday, February 14, 2012

True or false

I sometimes forget that children struggle to distinguish between what is real and what is fiction. Often when we are watching a movie or TV show, Tony will ask us;

"Is this real of pretend?"

For a while I didn't get the question as when I said "no", he would say that they look like real people, not like cartoons. I think we are slowly clearing it up....kind of.

When Tony got home from school yesterday, he told me that a young girl in his class nearly got stuck in the thunderstorm on the weekend. I was actually unlucky enough to be outside when the rain started to gush from the sky! This young lady, however, had to run inside and, according to Tony, she narrowly missed being struck by lightning.

Tony was curious as to whether or not you can die by being struck by lightning. I told him you could. He pondered this for a bit then said;

"If there is lighting coming, you should go for a drive because then you can't die."

I of course raised an eyebrow in question to which he explained:

"If you get hit by lighting when you are driving you don't die, you just spin around and get dizzy......you know, like on MarioKart?"

Ah my Tony Bones! I wonder if he thinks you can also use mushrooms to get a boost of speed and throw banana peels in front of other drivers. I think I will be leaving Tony's driving lessons to Anthony.

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  1. Another great blog... thanks Jo!
    Tony may not be the one you have to worry about with driving.... It's Carter who may just "drive you up the wall:)"
    Love you lots, Mum xxx