Friday, June 8, 2012

Jo Ostrich Bush

I don't really like to watch the news. I have no objection with being up to date with current events in the world, I just don't like seeing some of the horrific things shown. Natural disasters and accidents are nothing to be taken lightly, but it's the cruel and nasty things some people CHOOSE to put another person through that made up my mind to just not watch.  I know, I know, I am burying my head in the sand.

I have heard a lot of people, particularly those with children, commenting on the state of the world and their fears for their children having to grow up in such a society. Sometimes I do too. But my confidence in my fellow men is restored on a regular basis. There is a lot of negative in our world, but I KNOW our world is also full of good people. People who have shown us so much kindness.

Last week at the shop, Carter was sitting on one of those $2 horse carousal rides (I remember these being 20 cents!). An older lady came and started chatting to Carter and kindly put $2 into the ride to start it going. I opened my purse to give her $2, but she quickly declined and said it simply made her happy to see Carter happy.

With strangers like this in the world, I don't worry too much. The people I know make me worry even less.

Last weekend, we moved house. Without any exaggeration, moving house is my worst task! Ever. In the world. I HATE it!

I love once you have settled into the new house with everything set up nicely and all the clutter and junk thrown out. It's very refreshing.

But it's so much work and effort to get to that point! All the sorting, and packing, and transporting, and the never ending cleaning. My muscles ache even thinking about it. Clearly I am a weakling and my aversion to any kind of physical labour also doesn't align well with the task of moving house.

Nevertheless, we moved last weekend, but we did not do it alone. I have been so touched by the offers of help we have received. From boxes given to us, transportation help, to assistance with packing and cleaning, to child minding, and help with actually moving boxes, we have felt so blessed to know such kind, generous people.

I know our world can be a scary place with some not-so-nice people out there. But nearly every day I get to experience kindness and positivity. So when 6 pm rolls around, I don't turn on the news. Perhaps it's burying my head in the sand, but I just want to think of the world filled with good, because that's what I get to see every day.


  1. I'd call you Jo-Glass-Half-Full Bush. :)
    So glad you have so many wonderful people in your life-you certainly deserve it.
    Xxxx Mum

  2. Dear Joanne I agree with you 100%. As Mum will tell you when something horrific or sad comes on the news I turn it off. I too like to think oggood things in the world and have hope that good will prevail. Love Dad xxx