Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Black, white, and a little bit of purple

I recorded "The Colour Purple" today. I remember watching it with my Mum years ago and even though I couldn't remember it, I knew I enjoyed it.

Tonight Tony sat with me on the couch as I watched it once again. He asked my why the people with white skin were being "bossy" to the people with brown skin.

I was tempted to brush it off with a line about it being a movie, but instead decided to tell him the truth. That a while ago, some people said that people with brown skin weren't the same as people with white skin and that they were treated badly.

The look on Tony's face could only be described as perplexed.  I could see that he honestly couldn't even fathom the colour of someone's skin being a reason to treat them any differently.

He thought about it and said;

"But that's stupid.  People with brown skin and people with white skin are all the same because they are all people."

Many things Tony says and does makes me proud as his mother, this one made me beam.


  1. He is an absolute gem, Jo! xx

  2. Tony should run for priminister, he would whip this world into shape! He is so sweet Jo, I don't think that will ever change.