Monday, July 23, 2012

Our version of scripture reading

Last night, before the boys went to bed, we read them a Scripture story. We read about Nephi going to get the plates from King Laban. They have heard the story before, but we hadn't read it together for a while.

Anthony did the actual reading of the scriptures - complete with voices (his Lehi voice sounded like either an old woman or Dobby).

Its amazing to watch such young children so enthralled listening to a story in scripture-language that is sometimes difficult for adults to understand.

Tony loves a good story and was listening eagerly. When it came to the point where the four brothers drew lots to see who would go in to see King Laban, we showed the boys what it meant to draw lots. I got the short matchstick! Even though he knew we were just pretending, Tony's sweet nature didn't want me to lose and as soon as he saw the little matchstick in my hand he said;

"Here Mum, take mine - we can swap."

Nice to know if I ever have to confront a wicked King, Tony will step in for me.

We read about how Laman lost and had to go but was chased out. We read how they went back with all their gold and silver to trade with King Laban, but that he took all their riches and tried to have them all killed.

We read how they were told to go back a third time. With eyebrows raised we asked the boys;

"Oh no! They have to go back AGAIN! What do you think will happen this time?"

Carter jumped up from the couch and stood in front of Anthony with his hand raised for a 'hi-five' and said;

"They're going to kick butt!"

Not quite scripture language....but accurate all the same.

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  1. I'd like to do scripture reading at your home Jo- sounds like so much fun:)