Friday, January 4, 2013

A post-Christmas wrap up

We had a different Christmas this year. In the past, we have always had both sides of our family in Sydney. Growing up, Anthony's family celebrated Christmas with a bigger breakfast and dinner, whilst for my side the main meal was a big lunch.

Once we got married, we decided we wanted to attend all three meals with our families. This meant waking up early, opening our presents at home, setting everything aside and driving down to Sydney for breakfast at the Bush's. We would then rush off to lunch with the Bennallack clan. Then head back to the Bush household for dinner.

Needless to say we were stuffed!

We loved it, but it was hectic. It got even busier when our boys came along.

This year was different. My side of the family were in NZ for Christmas. We got to begin our own little family tradition of Christmas Breakfast.

Our boys woke up early (Tony waking up Carter for a change) and we opened presents. Perhaps later I will post a video of one of the 'unexpected' presents the boys got - I must say they were warned that Santa knows what they have been up to though.

We had breakfast together and for the first time ever the boys got some time to truly relax and play with their presents in their own home on Christmas.

Around mid-morning we made our way down to Sydney spent the afternoon and evening with Anthony's side of the family. It was nice and relaxing and although different from years past, I enjoyed the change of pace.

The rainy weather made for a much different feel this year. It made me want to curl up and relax. So we did.

I don't know if it's my current physical situation or as I get older or what, but what I love most about Christmas now has moved on from the excitement and bustle to just loving being with those I love. I love watching the wonder in my boys eyes and seeing their joy is my joy. I always hold my breath watching others open presents I have chosen hoping it's something they like, so they know I thought hard about them when I chose it. I love that my Anthony knows me so well that he makes sure he buys me two big bags of cheese popcorn because he knows one will be eaten immediately. I love that at some point, Christmas stops being so much about what you receive and there becomes greater joy in what you give. I love that despite the distance between us this year, I still felt close to my family. Christmas was different this year - but good different.

On a side-but-not-so-subtle note, if you are reading this Anthony, I suggest buying the party size bags of cheese popcorn instead of the large - you know I have an addiction. Did I mention that I REALLY REALLY love you?

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  1. Just beautiful!
    I agree, it was great as a child to just chill at home for a while with family and presents before heading out for food with the extended family. That was my favourite part of the day when I was little.