Sunday, August 11, 2013

To battle

In war, there is a term called a 'cease fire'. This refers to both sides agreeing to TEMPORARILY  stop fighting.

This amazes me! The fact that it is temporary means what they are fighting for isn't over, in fact they intend to continue the fighting, but for whatever reason, they need to rest for a time.  

There are even instances where cease fires were called for a few days to celebrate Christmas. 

I am part of some online mothers groups. I am also friends with a lot of mothers. We hear often about 'bad days '. Sometimes these bad days are not just days, they are weeks, and months. They are exhausting. I hear amongst these 'mothering communities' of mothers who are exhausted, who are struggling, and who don't know what to do.  Somedays I feel like this mother.  

I love my children and family so much. They are absolutely my source of joy. But like these mothers say, sometimes it's hard. It's tiring work that doesn't stop. There is the normal everyday work to put food on the table, pay the rent, and have clean clothes etc.  But some days just feel a bit tougher than others.

I think on days like this, all you can do is call a cease fire. Throw up your hands and recognise that for today, I need to stop the 'battle'. I need to rest because the fight is hard and long and I want to do the job right. So for today, I will rest so I can get up and fight again tomorrow. 

I think I will plan a 'cease fire' for tomorrow - just because.