Thursday, December 4, 2014

Nothing to hide

I want to be clear - I adore my children.  I adore them so much my heart hurts when I am away from them for a night.  I enjoy the freedom of being able to get done what I need to when they aren't there, but I really miss them the minute I see them drive away.  It's an annoying paradox of parenting - wanting/needing a break but missing your children like mad as soon as they are gone.

So just to set the record straight, I love my boys more than chocolate.  In fact, I love most kids.  I am a kid person.  

But I will also be honestt with you.  

Sometimes, kids can be annoying.  

Sometimes, I don't want to play their games because they bore me.

Sometimes, I don't want to share my chocolate with them because with children nothing is really yours alone; except the dishes, no one ever tried to take them from you.  
But they know when I sneak chocolate, they smell it on my breath like bloodhounds.  Sometimes I lie and tell then it's something else, but they know....they definitely know. 

Sometimes, I find myself yelling at my children to "STOP YELLING!"  Even as the words escape my mouth I realise how ludacris it is, but it's too late, I am already past the point of reason. But don't you dare try and tell me of my ludacrisy (a real word?) - or you may just have my wrath turned on you.  Your best bet is to just shove food in my mouth and retreat to a safe distance.  

Sometimes, I just make my kids noodles for dinner because I don't feel like working hard making a meal that I will have CONVINCE/FORCE/BRIBE my children to eat.  Some battles aren't worth my energy. 

Sometimes, I let my children stay up simply because I can't muster the energy to tuck them in (by stay up, I mean 8:30pm instead of 7 pm).  I know they will be tired and cranky the next day but I will deal with that then. 

Somedays, I send my boys to school with Fairybread for lunch and tell then to keep their sandwiches shut so others don't see they are virtually eating sugar on bread.  It's rare, but it happens. 

But most days I lie in bed thankful that despite my tired brain and aching muscles from a busy day, I get to be Mum again tomorrow.  Unless they want to play "guess the wrestling theme song" game again, then I might lock myself in the bathroom for half an hour to get away - I guess you can call it "being Dad".

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  1. Love your pure honesty Jo! Isn't being a mum the best ...and so is a break in the bathroom:)