Sunday, December 4, 2016

Crime Scene

As I have mentioned in the past, one of Carter's struggles is his fine motor skills.  I know many children enjoy drawing and colouring in, but due to it being so difficult for Carter, it has been something he has avoided.  He has a lot of other interests, but this is one area that I feel he is missing out.  For this reason, I encourage him to draw pretty much whatever he wants just because I am so thrilled to see him drawing.

Yesterday we went to church.  The first hour consists of families all together with classes specifically for children later on.  During this first hour, we encourage our boys to listen or do a quiet activity such as reading or drawing.  Carter usually opts for just listening or reading books about flags while Tony reads or draws.

Yesterday was different though.

For about 15 minutes Carter was intently focussed on a drawing.  He sat there quietly drawing, except for one moment where he asked me how to spell 'Neville Chamberlain'.  When he was finally finished he proudly showed me what he had drawn.  Needless to say I was surprised.

Our exchange went like this: 
Me: "Wow Carter - what a cool picture.  What is it?"
Carter: "It's a crime scene Mum.  The guy here (pointing to the upper left) shot the lady with  a gun,  He has a bag pipe in his mouth because he is pretending to be Scottish when he is really American so the police wont catch him."
Me: "Ok, I see.  What is the red?"
Carter; "That's all the blood Mum.  See there is no blood on her face though -  that is so the detectives can ID the body."
Me: "Right.  That makes sense.  So why does it say Neville Chamberlain up the top here?"
Carter; "Because he is the Chief of Police Mum.  He was the British Prime Minister in World War Two until Winston Churchill took over so I made him the Chief of Police instead."
Me"Well that is a very interesting picture Carter."

Yes, I was impressed at the effort he went to, but seriously, a blood covered crime scene?  During church?? 
Love my Tarts!!!

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