Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Family

I am from what is considered these days to be a 'big" family. I am one of six children. My husband is one of eight. We loved growing up with lots of siblings (most of the time). I think my parents did well to give us everything we needed and as much of lifes little luxeries as we could afford. Mum was very good at spreading each dollar as far as she could! I didn't know any different, but there are certain aspects of my life that were probably dead giveaway big family traits. Here are a few that spring to mind;
1. Mum and Dad would call me by about 4 different names before getting to the right one.
2. My Neighbour thought my mum was just quite overweight for a while before realizing she had just seen her pregnant a lot.
3. We had powdered milk. Need I say more.
4. Roll Ups were a precious commodity.
5. Fruit Loops and Cocoa Pops were for birthdays and Christmas.
6. When I was young, I couldn't wait for the day when I would get married and have 'real juice'. My one goal in life!
7. I only know how to cook a meal for 8 so as a newly married couple, leftovers lasted a week.
8. Extra neighborhood children went unnoticed in our house as they just blended in.
9. Strangers often thought my little sister was my own child.
10. I could never imagine anyone buying only 1 Litre of milk.
11. 'Share Packs' of chocolate still meant we only got one.
12. I have had my own room for twelve weeks total in life. Six of those weeks were in hospital.
13. I dont think twice before drinking out of any glass of drink on a counter-growing up if I set my drink down there was a one in eight chance I would get my own back again anyway.
14. My friends had actual babysitters, that werent their older sibling.
15. Vans. The only car of my childhood.


  1. I am lovin these lists! We were a family of 6 and I can relate to all of these things too. I still remember when my parents got a suburban when I was 16 and I thought we were so much cooler driving that than our van lol

  2. We had a great childhood, i love all those details - you captured it well. Funny thing is even though I can have normal milk, juice, roll ups, coco pops, etc as much as I want, they still feel like a treat! I love a glass of full cream milk!
    I remember you saying when you were first married, how much you love having real juice on demand in the fridge - easily pleased :)

  3. Haha, there is nothing cool about a Van when you are 16.
    What a loser! Being 20 and so happy to have real juice! That was all Anthony had to say to get me to marry him;
    "Will you marry me and have real juice whenever you want?"

  4. Ah memories of the good old days:) I sure dont miss the powdered milk and fruit juice drink either. Feels like we live in luxury now. Enjoy your juice deserve it and a whole lot more:) I just spoke with a sister in our ward this week who has 12 children..changes meaning to the title big family, hey! Mumxxxx

  5. Love it! That list reminds me so much of our growing pup too as one of ten children :)