Monday, April 2, 2012

Road rules

I have never angrily beeped my horn at anyone in my life. Seriously - NEVER. If someone cuts me off, I will throw my hands up. If I am in a hurry and the person in front is driving 20kph below the limit, I will verbally give them a piece of my mind.....but only from the safety of my own car ten meters behind. When waiting at the lights, if the person in front doesn't see the light has changed to green, I will YELL at them "COME ON!!!" but only because I know they can't hear a thing.  They when they politely wave in apology, I smile and give them a friendly wave back knowing they are none the wiser.

I'm not sure why I don't beep at other drivers who may annoy or frustrate me, but I hold back.  I let my frustrations bubble, but only to the point the other driver is completely unaffected.

I was thinking about why I am able to do this......yet if Anthony leaves a sock in the middle of the lounge room floor, he will certainly be hearing about it.  If the boys are whining and complaining, I will get cranky back instead of rolling my eyes and thinking cranky thoughts but offering them my "friendly wave" instead.

Why when friends ask how I am doing do I say;

"I'm good, a little tired, but good".

But as soon as Anthony comes through the door I collapse on the couch telling him how horribly tired and sore I am and that if I don't get to lie down NOW they will all be looking for a new slave (yep..I have a tendency to exaggerate at times).

I hate to admit it, but as much as my family often gets the best of me.....there are A LOT of times they get the worst of me also.  These times I don't mind my tongue when if it were an acquaintance (or even a stranger), I certainly would have.  I know I could justify this as being honest or comfortable....but there really isn't any reason why I can't be honest and comfortable as well as being kind and patient and let things slide now and again like I do as a driver.  My best people deserve the best of me.

If only I had a little sound proof box I could walk around in.  Then when I felt the frustrations coming, I could simply wind up my windows, yell all I like, and then continue on with everyone none the wiser.

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  1. Stop being so perfect Jo, it's gonna make it too hard for the rest of us to get into heaven ;) I like you're honesty, but honestly (I can say this after living with you), you are one of the easiest people to live with. I'm sure you're getting better with time too, your boys and Anthony are proof of that. They're very happy and loved. I do know what you mean though, the ones we love most get the worst and the best treatment. Dont worry you have hardly any room for improvement, if any.
    Can't wait for today!!!! See you soon :)