Friday, April 13, 2012

So...I was thinking

I call Anthony "darling", among other things. I also call him "pork pie, bub, doofus, sweetheart, butt head" and if he is really in trouble "Anthony Joel".

If I have had a bad day, he is greeted with a rather mono-tone;

"Hey darling".

If it has been a good day, it's a much chipper;

"Hello there my darling."

But of all the "darlings" my Anthony hears, there is one that I know brings a sense of terror when he hears it. I know because when I say it, he slowly swivels around in his chair like Dr. Claw on Inspector Gadget. The phrase that brings such fear is;

"Hey darling.....I was thinking...."

I don't think it's necessarily bad news he is expecting, it's more the huge range of possibility that could follow on from that phrase.

Whether it's;

"....we should get rid of the sports channel"


"....I think I want to start *insert weird obsession for the month*"


" should do all the washing and folding now seeing as you seem to have no idea where the dirty clothes basket is!"

Or perhaps even;

" should get those concert tickets, you deserve it."

It's the sheer possibility that I believe ignites fear in my dear darling.
I could change this and be kind and approach such a situation differently, but I like keeping Anthony on his toes.

Sorry Pork Pie!! (I have no idea where I came up with this one??)

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