Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Drama drama drama

I have heard this saying many times;

"Life with children is never dull."

Whilst pregnant, people would tell me this, but it was generally coupled with advice to make the most of my sleep now as I apparently wasn't going to be getting much later.  Although I'm sure it is all well-meaning, putting fear and dread into a soon-to-be-mother didn't seem all that kind to me.  That baby was coming, and I was going to be learning the sleep thing soon enough, just let me be blissfully ignorant til then!

It's true though, life is never dull with children, but it isn't always the way I expected.  Nothing is boring with children.   It's wonderful!  Every single day, without fail, my children say or do something that cracks me up and  their quirky little sense of humour makes me adore them all over again.

Children make the simplest, most mundane tasks, such a the school run, an absolute joy.

Yesterday as we drove home after picking up Tony from school, us adults were discussing the unnecessary drama that we sometimes bring into our lives and how irritating it can be.

Tony is a man of MANY questions and jumped in with;

"Hey Mum, what's drama?"

To which I replied;

"Umm..it's really silly, like when people make a big fuss over something and make it so much more difficult than it needs to be. It can be very annoying."

Poor Tony looked horrified and gasped and said;

"Oh no! Next week we have to go into Mr. Booth's class at school and guess what we have to do....DRAMA!"

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  1. Thanks for the laugh. Tony would be very displeased to know that drama was one of your favourite subjects at school.
    Just imagine the amount of times we confuse kids like this and they don't let us know. Poor things.