Friday, May 11, 2012

Mothers Day

Being a Mother is the most bitter-sweet experience I have had in life. Every stage of being a parent has had it's pros and it's cons. Right from the get-go, there is the rush of excitement when you learn you have a little person joining your family, but along with such joyful news comes exhaustion and morning sickness (if you didn't get morning sickness - I hate you).

As the weeks and months pass, there is fun in watching your growing belly and those first movements, and there is the frustration at not fitting into your clothes and those crazy hormones!

Needless to say childbirth is one of the most joyous moments in life, but it takes tremendous work and pain to get there. But once your baby is here and you lock your eyes on theirs, there is no question as to whether or not they were worth such pain. There is no doubt you would endure such pain again to protect your child.

My days with a newborn felt like we were in a bubble. Just my little family and me. Although all sweet and fluffy, that bubble has something missing - sleep.

As the months pass, crawling and walking come and bring new excitement and awe, as well as the continual chasing and following.

With each stage though, I have been the centre of my children's universe. Each accomplishment of theirs they wanted to share with me. When they were hurt or sick, a cuddle from Mummy makes it better. It was impossible to go to sleep without being tucked in by Mummy. I was wanted and needed physically and emotionally all day every day.

Now my babies are 6 and 4. When Tony became more independent, I had Carter as a baby who still relied on me so heavily so the independence was welcomed. Carter is really enjoying doing things by himself. When he goes to the toilet, it is my instinct to help him with his pants, but he quickly shuts the door after himself and tells me;

"Mummy, I need my space".

As of late, this has progressed. When Carter wants to demonstrate his independence, he says to me;

"No Mum, I don't need you."

I have to admit this hit me a little hard. I know part of my job as a parent is to help my children grow into independent people, but I thought I had more time til I heard this phrase.

I'm not too cut though, because I know that even as an adult I still need my Mum - it's just not in the same way. I don't need her to wake me up, wash my hair, cut my food, or drive me around. But I still need her. I need her advice whether it's trivial or important. I need to call her when I am happy or have good news or just to share a silly joke I have heard. Hearing her voice when I'm having a bad day perks me up instantly. She lives further away now, but it's ok, phone contact does the job just fine.

Age has not taken away my need of my Mum, so I hope my boys will still be needing me in 20 years time. I hope they will need me in the way I need my Mum, still as a parent, but also as a friend.

My boys have made being a Mother a joy and I am so proud to have them call me Mum.

I am equally proud to be the daughter of my Mum - Happy Mother's Day Mum from your favorite daughter ;o)

And of course my lovely mother-in-law - Happy Mother's Day from your favorite daughter-in-law (I had the first grandchildren so I HAVE to ALWAYS be the favourite) xxx


  1. Happy Mother's day to you dear Joanne..what a wonderful mother you are! I'm glad you still think you need me a little, but in all truth, it is I who need you:) It is me who asks for your recipes, learns from your example and whose day is brightened no end from your phone calls. Love you Jo xxxxx Mum

  2. Like I always say - you write so well Jo. Mothers day has so many more elements once you're a mother, it's a pretty cool celebration. Hope you were spoiled rotten!