Monday, February 4, 2013

Playing in the Sunshine State....without the sun

We made it. We arrived in Brisbane Tuesday around midday and were picked up by my sister-in-law Alex, who kindly drove us to my sister Jade's house where we would be staying that night. Tony and Carter were very excited to get to see their cousins Savannah, Pacey and to meet their "boy cousin" for the first time - Leo.
Mr Carter with Pacey
Tony happy to have arrived
Bush boys with little chubba Leo
"Now I am the Aunty that will ALWAYS have lollies in her bag"

Andrew and Alex and Savannah came around for dinner and it was nice to just be able to relax and spend some time together.

The next day we had arranged to go to the NEW Wiggles concert that was being held at Dreamworld. Carter still loves the Wiggles and has been somewhat fascinated by the concept of three new Wiggles - including a girl Wiggle. The kids LOVED it and it was great to be able to be so close as in the previous concerts we have been to in Sydney, you are so far away unless you get the best seats.
It was so fun just watching the our children enjoy the experience and dance and sing. Little Miss Savannah certainly had some funny moves and kept me very entertained.
After the concert we were slow to get moving and were some of the last there and as we were getting ready to leave Lachie (new purple Wiggle) and Emma (new yellow Wiggle) came out to meet some of their friends or family who had come to the show. They were changed out of their skivvys but the kids still recognised them and went down to meet them. Carter had this funny look on his face the entire time - I suspect it was almost shock at being so close to them in real life.

The boys went back home with Jade after the concert and Anthony and I headed to catch up with our friends Kurei and Rachel before heading out to dinner for Kurei's 30th Birthday. They were kind enough to come over in October for Anthony's birthday so I was glad we were able to come to celebrate with them.

Come Thursday we headed off to Dreamworld! The boys have never been to a themepark. I LOVE rides and it has been a big disappointment for me not being able to go on rides with my back being as it is. I decided to not go crazy but to take the opportunity to go on some of the tame rides while I have the opportunity and if I cause any damage, I felt ok knowing I had surgery in three weeks time anyway.
By the end of the day I was really feeling it and was in a lot of pain but knowing I would be lying in bed a lot in a few weeks made it all worth it.

Tony is our little thrill seeker. He was so concerned and of course asked a million questions while we lined up for each ride but I could see how proud of himself he was once he had been on each ride. His biggest accomplishment was that he went on the Tower of Terror. Pretty cool for a little fella!

The next two days we spent close to the Gold Coast at Kurei and Rachel's house. This was about when the bad weather began and it pretty much rained non-stop. They have two sons close to our boys age as well as a one year old daughter. Despite the rain, the boys were content to play on the Wii and DS together. Us adults also got to play Settlers of Catan (and by play, I mean WIN in my case).
Friday we got the kids out the house and went to Timezone in Surfers and let the boys be boys for a few hours. It amazes me that with all the technological advances in games and simulated rides, our boys still love Air Hockey and Pinball best. See....they should have been 90's kids I tell you.

Even though the weather was rotten it was actually ok in my case as it meant we got some lazy time which I needed.

Come Sunday morning (and by morning I mean 3:45AM), we were heading off to the airport again to head home. It's always a little sad to leave a holiday but I was also looking forward to being home again too.

I'll leave you with a little video of our trip that my sister Jade compiled with the footage she had. Thanks Jade! Just follow the link :)


  1. What a great blog Jo!Looks like you all had a wonderful together. Seems like yesterday we had pics of you in the stocks and on the car. Glad the rain and the pain didn't stop your fun. Much love Mum xxx

  2. We had so much fun with you all! It's funny, but the more I see you guys the more I miss you. Probably because I realise how much I love being around you all. Thanks for letting us spend time with you all! Wle loved it! Can't wait to see you next week :)