Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A little night time crazy

There are certain little things in life that I take great pleasure in. Some I know are probably on the more common side, some maybe not so much. But life is about loving the little things right?

•Clean, fresh sheets

•Having my grocery shopping completed and home by 9:30am

•Having dinner done by lunchtime

•Separating my lollies (no matter what kind they are) into colour groups and eating one colour at a time.

•Putting on my socks and having no wrinkles

•Cleaning my ears with cotton buds (I know, I know, you shouldn't do this)

•The taste and texture of raw spaghetti

•The washing basket empty

•Licking my finger and putting it in sand and eating it (I don't know where this came from but I have craved sand as long as I can remember)

•A full fruit bowl with a variety of colours

•Leftovers for breakfast

•Finally popping that stubborn pimple

•Scratching a mosquito bite and getting it to bleed so it will finally stop itching!

•Being in bed by 8:30pm

•Getting a piece of apple/popcorn out that was stuck between my teeth

•Having the exact amount of change in my wallet that I need

•Measuring cups of flour and leveling them off with a knife and seeing it PERFECTLY smooth

•Wrapping a sandwich in cling wrap just right

•Pulling into the Macca's drive thru and your food being ready for you when you get to that final window without barely even having to stop

Now that you have wasted a few precious minutes reading this ridiculous list, just admit were agreeing with at least one of these!


  1. You certainly know how to find joy in all the little things in life Jo! I'm with you on many of them. You could have an interesting meal one day with your sand....whiches:)
    One of my favourites - finding some half eaten block of chocolate I'd stashed away for safe keeping at the back of the cupboard ....not sure how long it had been there, but boy it tasted good!
    Love you! XxxxMum

  2. haha i so agree with the groceries and home done by 9:30 and dinner done by lunchtime, they are good days hahaha