Monday, May 6, 2013

So politically incorrect

Today was a good day. Nothing special in particular happened, and I guess in some ways that is part of what made it good, that our everyday routine makes me happy.

I had errands to run as usual (doctors appointment for me in the morning, and one for Carter in the afternoon), Anthony had work, Tony had school, and I had a friend visit briefly (which is always nice). Having two appointments in the one day is a big day for me at the moment physically so I was a bit apprehensive about how I would go, but I managed well enough and an early dinner and bed should help just fine.

There was nothing grand about today though. There was of course a few amusing/humiliating moments courtesy of Mr Tarts, but that is to be expected.

Just prior to my doctors appointment, I went to the post office to mail something off for Mothers Day. While Carter and I waited in line, he checked out the about 70-year-old gentleman behind us, who smiled and said hi to Carter. Once we had been served, I went to the little bench to address our card. By the time I had finished, the man behind us had also finished being served and so as we walked out, he happened to be walking out behind us. As the automatic doors opened for us to walk through, Carter tugged on my hand and loudly announced for all to hear;

"Mum, I'm getting pretty scared. That guy walking behind us, I think he is following us. Yep, look at him, he is DEFINITELY following us. It's so scary."

In this man's defence, he was definitely NOT following us. I don't think he could have kept pace with us if he tried. He was simply in line behind us and happened to be walking out the doors as we were. BUT.....the embarrassment only got worse as we headed to our GP.

We have a great GP. She always runs about an hour late and you have to know you are going to be sick about three weeks in advance to get an appointment, but she is worth it. She is Asian, but has a very Australian accent and Carter really likes her and can understand her easily. She always makes an effort to make a trip to the doctor pleasant for our boys and has great bedside manner. I was going to tell you her name.....but she is already busy enough and I don't want anyone else to try and steal her time :)

Anyway, while we where in her office and she was talking to me, Carter was watching her with interest. After about ten minutes, he leant forward resting his elbow on her desk with his chin in his hands and announced;

" You're Asian!"

I must add here that for the past few months, Carter has been interested in all things Chinese. Prior to that is was all about Samoa. He is very keen to spot anyone who looked Chinese to him while we are out and about but often he points it out to us. I can tell you it is MUCH more embarrassing when he is telling the actual person.

Our doctor thankfully misheard and said with a smile;

"I'm ANCIENT?? Oh no, I didn't think I was that old, am I Carter?"

BUT.......,Carter made sure he clarified himself.

"No, I said you're ASIAN. You know, Chinese, Japanese. What are you?"

I literally had nothing to say.

She laughed and complimented Carter on speaking so well. I wasn't feeling so complimentary.

Yes, it was embarrassing, but it makes me laugh thinking about it. See, not a perfect day, but we started the day happy and we went to bed happy. There were no major dramas and everyone is relatively healthy. We ate dinner together and spent time playing together. Our boys were kissed goodnight and tucked up in bed and we read 'The Famous Five' together for a little while. Everything that we needed to get done today got done. I love when life is 'normal' for us - it brings such a feeling of contentment.

It was a good day.


  1. Oh Jo, hearing about your adventures with Carter just makes my day. I guess you are prepared for just about anything these days :)

  2. Hahaha this boy makes me laugh - makai is heading into the stage of his life arghhh !