Friday, May 10, 2013

This one's for you

I know my children think I can do just about anything. In their eyes, anything is possible. It comes with the 'Mum' territory. That is why they can't fathom how I forgot to sign their homework while I was making lunch, finding clean clothes, brushing teeth, finding pairs of shoes, filling drink bottles, wiping spilt breakfast, finding shoes that ACTUALLY match, and getting library books that need returning.

I thought the same of my Mum. Even with 6 children, she could do it all. She was patient, capable, kind, hard-working, and charitable. She was showered every day. She made a home-cooked dinner each night. She helped us with our homework. She even found time to spend 30 minutes one-on-one with each of us once a week after the other kids were in bed. In my eyes, Mum was perfect.

Once you get older and hit those teenage years, you realize your parents are mere mortals who actually do get tired, cranky, and frustrated. They don't have unlimited stores of smiles and energy. They have their worries and share of bad days. They sometimes ruin your fun and have no idea what it's like to be your age (you know, when they were clearly born as 30 year olds already armed with a mortgage and children). You see your parents are human.

I don't think it was until I became a Mother myself that I really 'saw' my own Mum. I now see how strong she was. Every challenge that I faced with a new baby, I asked my Mum because she had done this 6 times. When I was in need of a listening ear during the day, I would call my Mum. When I was at the end of my tether with exhaustion, I would think of my Mum, because somehow she did this and didn't seem to crack it. I don't think my Mum is perfect, because noone is, but when you have children of your own, you almost go back to that child-like perspective of your Mum. I am in the young-child stage of life, and I know that amidst the joy and satisfaction, comes some tough moments. My memories of being young always involve my Mum smiling and laughing, taking us to the park, cooking in the kitchen, lying on the hallway floor reading us stories, and sitting next to her on the couch having my back scratched. Knowing the realities of parenting, my view of my Mother is back to SuperMum.

Happy Mothers Day!
Love you Mum xxxx


  1. Joanne this is a lovely tribute to Mum. She is a wonderful mother and you have captured her very well in your words. You are a great mother just like her. Thank you for writing these words. Have a wonderful Mother's Day. Lots of love Dad xxx