Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dad Shoutout

My Dad is.....well, he's my Dad! He is the reason I like to be punctual, the reason I value reliability so much, and he is the reason I know that amongst the many things in life that demand our time and attention, we must MAKE time for family. We MAKE time to show them they matter.
My Dad made sure that even though his plate was often full enough for two, with 6 children, church responsibilities, work, and study, he made time for us. He held weekly 'interviews' with each of us where he would talk to us about our week while we lay on his bed next to him. We each got a chocolate bar at the end too! Dad often fell asleep and would ask us the exact same question we had just answered and sometimes after failed attempts to wake him, I would reach across him and grab my chocolate and tip-toe out the room. It wasn't the chocolate that I was there for though, because I know I would have gone every Sunday for my little 'interview' with Dad even without the chocolate. I think what I loved most was having his time and attention. I could see how exhausted he was, but that he valued time with his children even more than sleep. Dad loves birthdays and Christmas and any family event. He made sure these times were special for us.
My Dad would do anything for his children. I know that if I ever ended up in jail, he would probably yell at me through the cell bars, but the second he left the building he would be on his Blackberry doing all he could to get me out.
On Father's Day-I want my Dad to know how much I love and appreciate him. Much of who I am today, I owe to my Dad and I couldn't have asked for a better father.

My Father-in-law is the other Dad in my life. He reminds me so much of my husband, but of course they both have their differences. My Father-in-law also loves anything family related. When we are all together having dinner or just sitting around together, he has such a look of contentment on his face. I am so grateful for the example he is to his children, Anthony in particular. I won't get to see him on Fathers Day, but hope he knows I love and appreciate him.

My husband is an amazing father. I get to see all aspects of him as a Father, and I feel so blessed to have found someone who is such a hands-on Dad. He changed MANY nappies, woke to crying babies, and cleaned up vomit ( while dry retching at the same time). When our boys are sick, he spends the nights with them in hospital, and when I am unwell, he takes on the roles of both Mum AND Dad.
More than all of that, he chooses to spend what little free time he has taking his boys to the park, or wrestling on loungeroom floor. If our boys follow his example and turn out like Anthony, I will be thrilled!

Happy Fathers Day to all Fathers!


  1. Dear Joanne thank you for your wonderful comments and for helping to make my Fathers Day so special. You are so very kind in your comments. The wonderful interviews we had were often organized by Mum and I had the pleasure of being with you all and being acknowledged for their quality and benefit. It was a great time to just hane one on one. I do love my family very much and am very blessed to have you all. My favorite time is when we are all together.
    Thank you for the wonderful daughter, wife and mother you are. I see so much of Mum in you. You make us very proud the way you always pit others before yourself. I love you very much.
    Thanks again for a wonderful Fathers Day.
    Lots of lve,
    Dad xxx

  2. What a beautiful tribute Jo! I say ditto to all you have got Dad down to a T. He is the most reliable, dependable and devoted person I know and all comes from his great care of others...especially his family. You have many of Dad's traits. ..and Anthony has many of his fathers wonderful traits. Xxx mum