Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Family Matters

Anthony and I are very blessed in many areas in our lives. One of the most important areas is in our families. We have been blessed with wonderful families. There are so many things our families do for us that I am very grateful for, but very high on that list is how much they love and care for our boys.
Our families have always been so willing to help with our children whenever they have been able to or we have asked. Unfortunately we have had quite a few times when it has been needed, but it is such a comfort to know we have family who enjoy being with the boys. Even though Mum and Dad are in NZ, I know they would be here in a heartbeat if we needed them.
I know most families love their grandchildren/nephews etc very much, but not everyone is as blessed as we are to have the type of families who are so willing to look after them so often. We are blessed.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, you are blessed to have such wonderful family. especially to have me as your sister.
    That's so true, it means so much to have family that love and treat your kids kindly. How could they not with kids like yours though. Tony is so sweet and gentle, and Carter has so much personality and entertainment to offer.